Spaghetto Alla Chitarra Served Cold

June 5, 2019 Uncategorized


60 gr (2.1 oz) handmade spaghetti alla chitarra
Ginger and lemongrass oil, and Lime peel
Celery leaves, coriander, oregano, Greek basil
Lobelia and borage flowers

For the soup:
400 g (14.1 oz) plum tomatoes
40 g (1.4 oz) red peppers
30 g (1 oz) of celery, 30 g (1 oz) of golden onion
30 g (1 oz) of cucumber
½ bunch of Genovese basil
50 g (1.7 oz) fleece ice
8 grams (0.2 oz) ginger, 1,5 gr (0.05 oz) xanthan
7 grams (0.2 oz) of olive oil Gargnà, 4 gr (0.14 oz) Maldon salt, 1 gr (0.03 oz) white pepper
1 tablespoon of Calvisius caviar


First, prepare the oil with ginger and lemongrass with a cold infusion, putting in a vacuum bag, 200 g (0.4 lb) of vegetable oil with 100 grams (0.2 lb) of ginger and 100 grams (0.2 lb) of finely chopped lemongrass; let marinate for two days in the refrigerator, then drain.
Continue with the preparation of the soup, letting all the ingredients marinate for 12 hours. After that, mash the ingredients with the help of a food processor for vegetables and lightly mix with the xanthan. The soup will be smooth, creamy with a bright red color and a slighlty sweet taste.
Cook the spaghetti for 11 minutes in salted water, drain and cool the noodles in a bowl filled with ice water, salt and olive oil for a few moments, just enough to stop the cooking; drain again and add ginger and lemongrass oil and a very small amount of shaved ice. Add the herbs and flowers and serve in a bowl. Add a small amount of tomato soup and finish with a generous spoonful of Calvisius caviar.