Terrine of foie-gras loquats, dandelion and caviar

June 4, 2019 Uncategorized

difficulty: medium

time: 60

caviar type: Beluga

1 duck foie gras

1 mound of dandelion

8 loquat 1 lemon

5 grams each: cumin, cardamom, star anise, cinnamon curry, white pepper 10 gr of sugar Salt

10 gr Maldon

10 gr brown sugar

5 grams of amphora vinegar

2 cans Caviar Calvisius


Take the foie-gras, separate the two lobes, removing the bitter veins (capillaries) and carefully place
 them on a baking sheet. Sprinkle with all the spices and icing sugar, salt and pepper and replace the lobes
 together as to recreate the foie-gras. Wrap with plastic film so as to form a 
ballotin and place it in a vacuum bag, seal and cook for 30 minutes at 75 ° (167F). Once cooked,
 cool them and set them aside.
Proceed by taking 4 loquats, cleaning them and cutting into slices.
 Clean and remove the seeds of the remaining four, emulsify with some oil and a few drops of lemon juice 
using an immersion blender, until mixture is smooth and homogeneous (like mayonnaise)
Continue by washing
 and cleaning the dandelion, save 8 leaves and put them in water and ice. Blend the remaining leaves and 
season the obtained juice with salt and oil.
Serve by placing first several "dots" of oil of dandelion and
 loquats mayonnaise on the plate, then lay a cylinder of Foie Gras previously portioned in candy shapes.